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Video & 3D Tour Options

Video Options

Premium Video

This high-quality video is shot in 4K and includes aerial footage when necessary to show special features of the home and/or surrounding area.  Typically between 1-2 minutes is ideal and will highlight all main features of the property.  Can be used as a virtual tour video in the MLS or posted directly to social media sites.

Social Media Reels

Highlight Reel

This is a 30-second vertical video that is shot more in the style of a standard video with individual clips to highlight a properties main features.  Great for larger properties and posting on various social media platforms.  

Walk-Through Reel

This is a 30-second vertical video is shot as a continuous walk-through of the property.  This is meant to be viewed on social media platforms but can be posted anywhere.  Typically works well with smaller homes at can help show property layout and traffic flow. 

Virtual Tour Options

Matterport 3D Tour

Matterport is a well-known industry standard for virtual tours.  This high quality 3D walk through offers the ability for viewers to see a dollhouse view of the property as well as measure spaces virtually.   Simply paste the link to upload as a virtual tour in the MLS.  Will syndicate to major real estate portals.

i-Guide 3D

This tour comes with an interactive floor plan that can help orient viewers to their location as they "walk through" the property.   Post as a virtual tour in the MLS to syndicate to all real estate portals.

This tour will appear in the photo reel on Zillow and can also be used as a stand-alone virtual tour in the MLS and will syndicate to various real estate portals.  

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